I am a dedicated mother and surgeon with a very busy Park Slope practice with outrageous work hours. With this comes a lot of mommy guilt. Absolute Best Care has always worked wonders to assuage my mommy guilt. I have used this service and have had nannies placed 3 separate times by Absolute Best Care for various reasons. I can honestly say that EVERY applicant they have ever sent me I would have hired. I am so impressed by their screening of potential candidates. This agency absolutely KNOWS their candidates. They very carefully listened to what were the needs of my family and, more importantly, the specific personal characteristics that my family wanted in a caregiver. With the first caregiver they placed for me I was also using 3 other NYC area nanny placement agencies (one of which is now defunct). I NEVER wanted to even interview any of the other agencies’ candidates. It was clear that the other agencies did not even screen resumes they gave me for potential candidates. Most importantly, each time I contacted Absolute Best Care for placement, I found the perfect candidate to hire in LESS THAN ONE WEEK!!!! I feel that some of the most stressful times in my life as a parent was finding suitable, reliable childcare. Literally, within days, my stress was gone when. contacting Absolute Best Care. I completely trust their judgement in acquiring their candidates. My experience with this company has been that they only acquire candidates who view themselves as true professionals in childcare. All the candidates I have interviewed see childcare as a career, a calling, not just a job. They have all been consummate professionals. If you need to find Mary Poppins, I bet you’ll find her at Absolute Best Care.

Melissa W
Clark, NJ

Monique, Just a quick note from my extremely sleep deprived self…Thank You!!!
I love Susan. I want to keep her forever. And I love you for finding her and sending her to us. She is the first baby nurse I have ever met where I was willing to sleep while she cares for my newborn. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!

Maria B
New Jersey

Our life will never be the same after our angel, Baby Nurse Dian, left us last night around 6pm. I wish I could do advertising for you because my husband and I could not have loved or trusted anyone more that we did Dian. She was the best thing that we ever did, besides having our babies! I mean I felt 100-percent comfortable the entire time as she is an expert, she really is a baby whisperer! She taught us invaluable tricks and lessons and although I DESPERATELY WISH I were rich and could have her longer, she left us feeling so much more comfortable with raising and caring for our newborns. We miss her SO MUCH already…. but we will def. stay in touch with her forever because she really became a part of our family. Thank you so much!

C. Webb
New York, NY

After a previous agency was unable to provide a single candidate – I was referred to you through a friend. Within 3 days, you provided me with 3 exceptional ladies. In the end, my children were given the responsibility of choosing between the final two candidates which I adored equally. If I could have taken both I would have done so in a heartbeat! Absolute Best Care delivered a level of excellence throughout the placement process. Patricia is a member of our family now and my children and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you.

Angelica R
New York, NY

I have used Absolute Best Care twice and have been extremely impressed with the quality of service and caregivers provided.

Janice S
Brooklyn, NY

We had a wonderful experience with Violet. She was kind, knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Louise C
New York, NY

Don’t bother doing it on your own. The decision is too important and Absolute Best Care nannies are truly the best.

Sarah L
Brooklyn, NY

As a first time mom, returning to work and leaving my child in someone else’s care was difficult. Not only did Absolute Best Care provide us with a selection of qualified candidates, but they also guided us through the process and details involved in being an employer.

Sharleen G
Jersey City, NJ

This letter is to serve as the highest recommendation possible for Peggy. Peggy was our baby nurse. Initially she was only supposed to be with us through June but the level of service and care she provided to our daughter made it a “no brainer” to keep her on longer. They say children are the best judge of character and my daughter simply loved her. Peggy treated her just like her own and took tremendous care of her.

Rick M
New York, NY

We appreciated how accommodating Absolute Best Care was to our needs!

Jennifer H
New York, NY

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